Outside Of the Wellness Institute of Maryland

Outside Of the Wellness Institute of Maryland

Maryland just granted the first and only license for a dispensary to begin providing cannabis for patients.

FREDERICK, MARYLAND, July 5, 2017 – The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) just issued its first operating license for a dispensary, bringing medical marijuana one step closer to patients in Maryland.
The only dispensary granted a license, the Wellness Institute of Maryland, will operate a location in Frederick County, near the intersection of Buckeystown Pike and English Muffin Way. The dispensary will also offer a home delivery network for patients throughout most of Maryland, quite literally bringing medical marijuana one step closer. Home delivery will provide easier access, as some of the patients who will benefit the most from medical cannabis are often the least able to drive to pick up their medicine. Aside from convenience, home delivery also provides a safe and secure way to transport medical cannabis.
All dispensaries in Maryland must obtain their cannabis from MMCC-approved growers, and currently there is only one with ‘seeds in the ground,’ with their first crop being about two months from harvest.
So what should a patient to do in the meantime? There are steps that both patients and doctors should be taking now, should they want to use or recommend medical marijuana. Patients must first register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission by completing a fairly simple application. Doctors must also register with the Commission before they can recommend medical cannabis for patients.
Wellness Institute of Maryland’s website, provides more information on registration, treatment and usage. The site also includes a page for patients who wish to speak to their doctor about medical marijuana, but are unsure how to approach the somewhat awkward subject. Hint: Be forthright and ask.
Patients who are approved by the MMCC can make obligation-free pre-orders –which are handled on a first-come, first-served basis ­– with the Wellness Institute of Maryland. Pre-orders can also be initiated on the Wellness Institute of Maryland website or by phone, toll free at 866-696-3370, but the first step is for a patient to register with the MMCC.

At present, physicians in Maryland may recommend cannabis for patients with a chronic or debilitating disease, or for other medical conditions that cause nausea; cachexia (wasting syndrome); PTSD; debilitating, or chronic pain; seizures and persistent muscle spasms; glaucoma; or anorexia; and any other symptom not adequately treated with conventional medication.

# # #   The Wellness Institute of Maryland is the first independent dispensary to be approved to provide medical cannabis in Maryland. The Wellness Institute of Maryland partners with physicians across Maryland, ensuring patients have access to medical cannabis treatment options through a safe, secure and certified dispensary. The group is made up of board certified physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and other medically credentialed personnel.


If you have not already done so contact Green Way Consults to make an appointment to receive your Maryland Medical Marijuana Card, 410-762-8745.


Patients will see a sharp reception Area at the Wellness Institute of Maryland

The reception area at the Wellness Institute of Maryland.

Patients will have a professional enviorment to discuss their cannabis needs with a professional.

A consult room at the Wellness Institute of Maryland.