building1Greenway Consultations was formed to serve current and future Medical Marijuana clients. Our goal is to continually educate others of the amazing medicinal uses of cannabis through educational campaigns along with keeping all members of the community updated with the current status of the Medical Marijuana program. We also hope to assist all those who qualify for the program and wish to enter.

Greenway Consultations hopes to make the process of entering the Medical Marijuana Program as simple as possible for all of those who are interested and qualify. At Greenway Consultations we assist and guide people with a wide range of backgrounds and ailments which are qualified under the Medical Marijuana program.

Ultimately Greenway Consultations mission is for clients to have as many options as possible when dealing with their day to day ailments. We connect our clients with medical professionals that can guide them on a path to wellness through alternative methods. We pride ourselves on being open minded, and being here to make our clients as comfortable as possible throughout the whole process.