Located in Anne Arundel County, ForwardGro was the first cultivation company to receive its final license from the Maryland Cannabis Commission. ForwardGro began cultivating medical cannabis in May of this year and expects its first harvest to be ready within the next couple of weeks. Gary Mangum, who serves as one of ForwardGro’s key executives, is a prominent Maryland businessman who is the CEO of Bell Nursery. Bell Nursery is a large supplier of ornamental flowers, wholesaling to larger retailers such as Home Depot. The rest of the ForwardGro team is made up Mangum’s former business partner at Bell Nursery, Mike McCarthy, former Anne Arundel County Sheriff George Johnson, cannabis patient advocate Gail Rand, and anesthesiologist Debra Kimless.

ForwardGro has built a state-of-the-art greenhouse grow facility that spans almost 2 acres. ForwardGro has combined best in class greenhouse growing practices, business management, medical cannabis research, and patient advocacy to become one of Maryland’s premier growers of medical cannabis. The team understands the plant-related benefits of growing cannabis in an energy-efficient and sustainable greenhouse environment will result in the most consistent product possible.