Freestate Wellness Grow Facility

The sprawling, new 48,000 sq foot grow facility of Freestate Wellness located in Howard County.

In another landmark moment for Maryland’s Medical Marijuana program the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission has awarded the final licensure of eight additional growers and four processors. Prior to this announcement, the only grower approved for its final license was Forward Gro of Anne Arundel County. Therefore, this means that there are now 9 fully licensed grows and 4 fully licensed processors within the state of Maryland. Greenway Consults is excited for the patients of Maryland who have long anticipated these businesses to be awarded final licenses. This progression confirms that medicine is one step closer to being available to the thousands of patients who so desperately need it.

There was a total of 15 pre-approved growers and 15 pre-approved processors selected in August of last year from hundreds of applicants. These companies have had one year to pass final inspections, complete background checks, and meet financial obligations in order to get their final license and begin operations. The remaining pre-approved growers and processors only have until August 28th to pass their inspections and obtain their final licensure. If the commission denies any of the pre-approved growers/processors or these companies cannot meet the dead lines in a reasonable fashion, there will be other companies that can then enter the marketplace.

Among the 8 newly approved final licenses that were awarded, there are several companies which are ready to begin growing immediately and some of which may take up to several weeks to begin cultivation.

We were given the opportunity to speak with Freestate Wellness, the sole cultivation facility in Howard County, Maryland, which was awarded its final approval to begin cultivation of medical cannabis on Monday, August 14.

Freestate Wellness plans to operate as the premier model for production and delivery of the highest quality of medical cannabis and its derivative medicines. “Our business goal is to delight our customers, community, and employees with the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethics”, states Krissy Bernazani, Freestate’s Clinical Director. Ms. Bernazani is a registered pharmacist with over 24 years experience working directly with patients. “The company will focus intently on patient care, community needs and safety”.

Ranking fourth in the state for their cultivation application, Freestate Wellness boasts an impressive 48,000 square foot facility and expects to employ upwards of 50 employees by the end of 2018. Cary Millstein, President and CEO, plans to have product available before this Thanksgiving. For more information on Freestate Wellness call 443-219-9766 or email


In addition to Freestate Wellness, the Cannabis Commission approved final growing licenses to Temescal Wellness of Baltimore, Harvest of Maryland located in Washington County, Greenleaf Medical and HMS Health of Frederick county. Curio Wellness of Timonium, Holistic of Prince George County, and Grassroots of Maryland located within Carrol County were awarded both final grower and processor licenses. Blair Wellness of Worcester County was also awarded a final license and will operate solely as a processor. Two additional growers had their final inspection on Monday and hope to receive their final license very soon.


While Maryland’s medical marijuana program has been filled with controversy and delays, patients can rest assured that the medicine that they so desperately need will be available shortly. There is still a multitude of work to be done to get the remaining growers, processors, and dispensaries finalized. So far there has only been one dispensary approved for their final license. The Wellness Institute of Maryland located in Frederick was awarded its final license in July of this year and is the first dispensary approved with another 100 remaining dispensaries set to open within the next couple of months.


With medicine expected to be on the shelves of dispensaries within the near future it is important that patients who want to receive the benefits from this program begin a physician-patient relationship. In order to have access to the medicine you must be registered with the state of Maryland and certified by a registered medical marijuana doctor. At Greenway Consults we can guide you through this process and aid you on a path to wellness. Call one of our representatives at 410-762-8745 to set up an appointment today or send us an email to for any further inquiries.