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How to Get Your Medical Cannabis Card Online


As digital healthcare continues to grow, so does the convenience of managing our health needs online. The stigma surrounding cannabis is being replaced by a recognition of its therapeutic benefits, sparking popularity among patients. Amid this evolving landscape, obtaining a medical cannabis card…


How to Get Your Maryland Medical Cannabis Card

Maryland medical cannabis card

Are you a Maryland resident dealing with chronic pain or other serious health conditions? Securing a Maryland medical cannabis card may just be the solution you’re looking for. In Maryland, qualified individuals can obtain a medical cannabis card, granting them legal access to…


Maryland Approves Seven New Dispensaries

Herbafi dispensary located in Montgomery County.

Maryland’s medical marijuana program had a slow start getting up and running since its creation in 2012, but that’s finally changing. Since December, dispensaries have been building up their inventories and opening across the state. Just this week, Maryland marijuana regulators approved the…


More Dispensaries Approved; Two Opening in Howard County

Green Leaf Medical Flower Room

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission has approved 12 additional dispensaries, bringing the state’s total dispensaries to a count of 22. Some of these dispensaries have already begun selling the medication over the last two weeks, while others expect the medication to be available…


Maryland Dispensaries Begin Selling Medicine

Medical marijuana for sale in display cases at dispensary.

Greenway Consults is thrilled to announce a major development! It is a historic, long anticipated day filled with excitement and relief in Maryland. Maryland’s fully licensed dispensaries have received medication from the State’s licensed growers and have begun dispensing the medication to certified…

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