Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.45.23 PMMuch like here in Maryland, Illinois is one of the most recent states to adopt legal medical marijuana. There has been a big rush to now fill the demand with new medical marijuana production and medical marijuana physician practices. Today, after months of waiting, entrepreneurs in Chicago officially opened their first medical marijuana dispensary. It’s called “Dispensary 33”. And the community is celebrating the new beginning of the medical marijuana industry in the state. Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the US, which will make it a centerpiece for the medical marijuana movement, and a great example for other large cities to follow.

Chicago’s Dispensary 33 is a community-based, family run small business

Screen Shot 2015-11-16 at 8.55.21 PMDispensary 33 is located in the area of Andersonville, in the greater Chicago area. It replaced a local pizzeria, and is really set up as a small, community centric, local business. The owners are husband and wife team Kristie and Zach Zises, and one of the first orders of business was to host an open house for the entire neighborhood. To the Zises family, it’s not just about creating a new, innovative business; it’s also about getting the community behind them.

“We love this area,” said manager Paul Lee. “We knew the community would be very accepting of us. We worked with the community to make sure they are okay with us being here. We wanted to show the people what we’re doing and be very transparent. This area is probably the best areas in Chicago for a cannabis dispensary.”

Medical marijuana businesses are held up to the highest standard of commerce, regulation

In Maryland, much like Illinois, we expect new, licensed medical marijuana businesses to be open by early 2016. And each one of these businesses will be professional, efficient, and ready to serve the community at large. Through the state of Maryland, the highest levels of vetting are being done right now, to make sure Maryland medical marijuana patients get treated with respect, and get the medicine they need without too much red tape.

For now, we’re in the beginning phases of medical marijuana in Maryland. But soon enough, you’ll see medical marijuana commerce as common as any other small business. And Chicago’s Dispensary 33 knows this all too well. “All our employees are experts on cannabis, or enthusiasts at the very least, as far as research on what cannabis can do for people,” Lee said. “It’s just like any other retail location, really.”

To learn more about medical marijuana in Maryland, and how you can get your card, contact us today via our website.