Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.30.03 PMAs medical marijuana, and recreational marijuana become more integrated into American society, many tech entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity to innovate with new ways to consume, order, and learn about the plant and its benefits. With medical marijuana coming to Maryland, there will no doubt be a flood of new tech to come along with it. The marijuana industry is relatively new, but many say it is one of the biggest potential growth industries in the nation; and Silicon Valley is paying attention. Bringing safe, legal pain relief in the form of medical marijuana is all about taking the pressure off the patient. Here are a few of the most innovative ways the industry is tackling it as we move into 2016.

Making smart apps for efficient distribution and stress-free treatment

Earlier this week, the New York Times focused on the innovation in the medical marijuana industry, specifically regarding a new start-up called HelloMD; one of many new companies trying to make it easier for patients to access their supply. In their feature tech article, The Times concurs:

“As marijuana laws are being loosened across the country, entrepreneurs and investors are creating new businesses to cash in on what they see as an emerging bonanza. Like start-ups in other industries, these firms are trying to use technology to bring speed and efficiency to what has long been a face-to-face, pen-and-paper market. In the process, they are also trying to alter mainstream perceptions of the marijuana industry, shedding the ganja and Rasta imagery to cultivate a wider audience. ‘What we see is moms, dads, professionals, old people, everyone wanting access to cannabis’,” said Mark Hadfield, the founder of HelloMD.

Why finding easy, reliable access to medical marijuana is great for Maryland’s future

With the applications submitted to the state of Maryland for medical marijuana provider approval, it will be interesting to see how our own state will innovate and develop around the medical marijuana industry. But don’t expect it to happen all at once. Innovation into a new industry takes time, and takes serious market research and study. Maryland’s medical marijuana community is big, and the amount of patients that need help is even bigger. As we move forward with legal medical marijuana in Maryland, there will be growth period, and lots of new ways to get the best quality treatment, as safe and legally as possible.

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