Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.21.34 PMLast week’s big deadline for medical marijuana provider applicants has passed, and by all measures, it was a huge day for Maryland. According to early reports, the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission received at least 355 applications from every single county in Maryland on the November 6th deadline date for medical marijuana applications. These numbers were expected by large, but the sheer output of applicants even surprised some of the state’s biggest skeptics. Out of these applicants, only 15 growing licenses and 94 dispensary licenses are to be approved, with a handful of processors for medical marijuana cards in the running as well.

When to get your legal medical marijuana in Maryland

While the deadline for applications was just a few days ago, we won’t know for another couple of months who will past the meticulous vetting process by the state. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission says that they will have a final tally of approved providers and growers by the end of the year, if not early 2016. Once the final approved list is available, you will be able to check online to find a provider near you. And with a licensed medical marijuana card, you will be able to legally obtain your supply. Remember, in order to get your medical marijuana card you must be seen by a licensed physician with a registered practice in Maryland.

Volume of applicants sets precedent for both Maryland and other medical marijuana states

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.22.52 PMThe strong turnout for Friday’s Maryland deadline is a good sign for medical marijuana initiatives across the country, and a good sign that Maryland is ready to implement medical marijuana distribution in 2016. Needless to say, the applicants will go through one of the most intense vetting and classification processes, which will guarantee a quality medical marijuana infrastructure in the state. Maryland should see an immediate tax benefit from the industry as well as job creation in all of Maryland’s counties, if you look at how widespread the applicants are situated from.

Now, the state must patiently wait for the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to approve the required amount of submissions. As we move into 2016, we will see how this all unfolds. To learn more about medical marijuana in Maryland, and how you can get your card, contact us today via our website.