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Maryland University Partners With Medical Marijuana Company

With medical marijuana coming to Maryland in 2016, one local university is getting into the business. Earlier this week, Frostburg State University announced that it would partner with DC-based Peak Harvest Health, in an effort to become the state’s first legal marijuana grower.…


Researchers Say Legalizing Medical Marijuana May Reduce Obesity Epidemic

According to a new study in the nationally renowned Journal “Health Economics”, researchers have discovered that legalizing medical marijuana could reduce obesity rates by up to 6%. This may come as a shock for many marijuana advocates, who associate usage with increased appetite.…


Charles County Officials Meet to Plan Medical Marijuana Zoning

As medical marijuana in Maryland approaches its much-awaited rollout, Maryland counties are preparing for new businesses. With this come new zoning regulations and business licenses. This week, Charles County is taking the medical marijuana topic to its zoning meeting. On Monday, the Charles…


Canada to Become First G7 Nation to Legalize Marijuana

Canada has a new government, and with it, some big changes. One of these big changes, according to initiatives proposed by Canada’s new Liberal government, is to fully legalize marijuana on a national scale. This would mean that growing, distributing, processing, and consuming…


Maryland: Small Town Mayor Publicly Gets Behind Medical Marijuana Initiative

  Support for medical marijuana in Maryland has been wide spread. According to polls, the majority of Maryland residents support legalized medical marijuana; something that has become much more present all over America in the past 10 years. But one town in particular,…

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