Maryland cultivator and processor licenses are expected to be issued in the next few weeks.

Maryland is about to issue approval for cultivation facilities.

State officials announced that the winners of the Maryland Medical Marijuana Cultivator and Processor licenses could be announced as soon as August 5th . The licenses were initially to be awarded in February but the process was delayed several times do to a much larger number of applicants than originally expected.

The applications have been under review since last December. The ranking and review process is being performed by Towson University’s Regional Economic Studies institute.  Patrick Jameson, the new executive director of the Maryland Cannabis Commission has stated the process has taken “too long” while calling it “too cumbersome” and “too expensive.”

Paul Davies, the chairman of the state’s Medical Cannabis Commission, said the commission will review the top ranked applications within the next few weeks. From there the initial preliminary licenses will be issued.

Jameson made a point that even though the commission will be selecting the winners they will have no way of knowing who the application they are approving belongs to. The versions of the applications that will be reviewed by the commission have had all identifying information removed from them. This includes the applicant’s names and other identifying information. Once the commission has selected the winning applications, it will be several days later that the identities of the winners are announced. “Nobody is going to know anything,” Jameson said.

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