Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.45.31 AMThe medical marijuana industry is worth over $1 billion, and medical marijuana treatments are now in high demand as more and more states adopt favorable laws. Needless to say, medical marijuana is growing as a recognized, safe treatment for pain relief and solving a host of other chronic illnesses. Now, one medical marijuana company is testing out a new series of cannabis-based medications; and they’re sending it to the FDA for federal approval.


What medical marijuana pharmaceutical groups are proposing to the FDA

In an attempt to gain mass distribution amongst medical marijuana states, one company is developing the blueprint to get a number of cannabinoid-based pills approved by the Food and Drug Administration. The company, known as Vireo Health, wants to work side by side with the FDA to develop large-scale drugs made with safe cannabis to help address a number of medical issues amongst US consumers. Vireo Health is looking to make history by using a traditional pharmaceutical model to distribute, and develop medical marijuana treatments. It’s an uphill battle, but looks promising on paper.

According to information from the FDA:

Currently, cannabinoid-based medications are not eligible for coverage since they fall under the Controlled Substance Act.

Vireo’s agreement with California-based Ligand Pharmaceuticals gives it exclusive access to Captisol, a type of pharmaceutical “solubilizing agent.” The agent is already found in some FDA-approved drugs such as Abilify, an antipsychotic, and Amiodarone, which is used for treating heart arrhythmias.

Expanding how medical marijuana medication is advanced and distributed in Maryland

With Maryland’s medical marijuana roll-out currently in the processing and approval stage, finding new innovative ways to deliver medicine has been important. With Maryland taking the national stage, due to its location and economic potential, FDA-approved medical marijuana medications could be a big draw to the local market. For now, we need to wait and see.

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