Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 10.58.47 PMMedical Marijuana in Maryland is approaching a critical date for applications, and the state is abuzz about the pros and cons of legal, medical marijuana. In just a few days the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission will award a limited number of licenses for companies to grow medical marijuana. And for many counties in Maryland, the positive economic impact appears to be huge. One of these counties is Cumberland, where medical marijuana growing could potentially change the landscape; not just for the county but for many counties in the whole region.

Using Cumberland as an example for the rest of Maryland

Because of its location and size, counties like Cumberland would benefit massively from legal medical marijuana production. In a recent article by the Baltimore Sun, some of these benefits were highlighted in a way that uses western Maryland as a sample of what the state’s future production potential could be. According to the article:

First, consider the public health benefits. This past fiscal year alone, Western Maryland Health System in Cumberland diagnosed more than 2,200 patients with diseases that can be treated with medical cannabis under Maryland law. That means our hospital clinicians could potentially prescribe thousands of patients a safe and effective treatment option for pain related to cancer, multiple sclerosis, post-traumatic stress disorder and other conditions if they deemed it appropriate.

Reaping the economic benefit, county by county, throughout the state

While 15 licensed growers may seem like a small number, it should be a good starting point for the state. And if these companies are spread out as planned, there could be a major economic bump across Maryland with new jobs, infrastructure, and especially tax dollars. Again, referencing the Sun’s latest piece, this area is perfect for sustainable production and economic contribution:

A medical cannabis pharmaceutical company is a perfect complement to our health and medical services economy. A licensed grower could seamlessly partner with Western Maryland Health System to serve qualified patients at a regional scale, tap into Allegany County’s vast expertise in agriculture and create jobs higher up the wage scale.

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