Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 5.05.50 PMWith the state of Maryland on the precipice of moving forward with unrolling full medical marijuana legalization, many businesses are getting ready to meet local demand. One business in particular, from a growers’ perspective, is striving to be first to market. That business is called GTI-Maryland LLC, and their goal is to set up a brand new, state-of-the-art medical marijuana growing facility in Hagerstown. The reason why they are so motivated to move quickly is that they, along with many others in the industry, expect a boom once the medical marijuana laws kick into effect, and to meet a predictably high demand, you need quality providers.


GTI-Maryland LLC sets its sights on high quality, high volume, medical marijuana


The November 6th application deadline for medical marijuana providers is right around the corner, and the people at GTI-Maryland LLC know that this is a crucial date. Like other medical marijuana providers in the state, they must go through a rigid vetting process that will require nearly 3,000 pages of documents sent to the state for approval. The company already has zoning and land approval rights for construction, which will allow them to develop a 20-acre parcel off Hopewell Road in the Hopewell Valley Industrial Park into Maryland’s first medical marijuana grow facility.


Why time is of the essence in Maryland for medical marijuana


Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 5.07.47 PMDeadlines aside, it’s crucial that Maryland’s medical marijuana industry prepare thoroughly ahead of time, to be ready to provide by 2016. Due to the nature of growing a quality product, GTI-Maryland LLC knows this better than most. According to GTI partner Pet Kadens, “There won’t be a lot of medicine distributed out of the facility here in 2016,” Kadens said. But Pete and his team, along with many other similar businesses in the state, are working tirelessly to make this happen as soon as possible. “If you see some bags under our eyes, it’s because we haven’t had a lot of sleep”, Kadens said in reference to the tireless application process and facility building.


GTI-Maryland LLC receiving huge support from Maryland’s medical marijuana community


Part of being a responsible business, especially in the care provider field, is to listen to what your community wants; and more importantly, understand their needs. Kadens believes that to be successful, they must be “good corporate stewards in the community and give back.” This is why GTI is not only working with the community to create a medical marijuana structure that works, they’re also helping to reduce opioid and alcohol addiction by donating to Brooke’s House, a local recovery facility for women.


The medical marijuana industry in Maryland, as a whole, is looking to make a long-lasting positive impact in their communities. And after the November 6th deadline, we’ll soon find out who will be there in the states early stages of legal medical marijuana care prescription and distribution.


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