Greenway Consults is proud to announce its newest location located in Hyattsville, Maryland. Green Way Consults located in Hyattsville provides assistance with medical marijuana certifications for Maryland residents. Our office provides assistance in navigating the often times confusing and overwhelming process of obtaining a medical marijuana card in the state of Maryland. Greenway is in compliance with all state laws and regulations.  Our goal at Green Way is to make the process as easy and simple for our clients by assisting patients in obtaining their medical records, guiding them through and assisting them in completing the state requirements, and setting up an appointment with a physician to provide the certification. We then review the application with the client, answering any and all questions they may have before assisting them in submitting the registration to the state. Green Way Consults services the residents of Prince George County. Our office is located at 1835 University Blvd E, Suite 208 in Hyattsville, MD. The building can be found where University Blvd E on Route 193 intersects with Riggs Road on route 212. There is ample parking available in the plaza of this location.

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