Q. How do I set up an appointment with a registered Maryland Medical Marijuana Physician?
A: Give us a call at 401-762-8745 or email GreenwayConsults@gmail.com and one of our friendly staff members will coordinate a date and time for you to get evaluated by a Registered Medical Marijuana Physician.

Q. What will I need for my appointment?
A: You will need a Photo ID and medical records pertaining to the condition of which you are trying to enter the program for.

Q. How much will my Medical Marijuana Certification cost?
A: The cost for the certification is $200. That price includes assistance with paperwork, the Doctor’s visit, and any other help throughout the process.

Q. What are the qualifying conditions that allow me to receive my Medical Marijuana Card Certification?
A: In order to receive a written certification for Maryland Medical Marijuana, you must have one of the following qualifying conditions, or you are receiving treatment for a chronic or debilitating disease or a medical condition that causes:
• cachexia,
• anorexia,
• glaucoma
• severe nausea
• wasting syndrome,
• severe or chronic pain,
• post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
• seizures, or severe or persistent muscle spasms.
• A chronic or debilitating disease or medical condition that results in being admitted into a hospice facility or receiving palliative care.
• The Commission may also approve applications that include any other condition that is severe and resistant to conventional medicine for which other medical treatments have been ineffective.

Q. Where can I fax my Medical records so they can be viewed by the physician at my medical marijuana appointment?
A: You can fax your records to 410-630-3553 or you can have them emailed to GreenwayConsults@gmail.com.

Q. I already came in for an appointment. When will I be notified that the Maryland Cannabis Commission has issued cards and what are the next steps?
A: The Maryland Cannabis Commission has projected that they will begin issuing cards and registering patients by the end of November/December. You will be contacted by one of our employees as soon as we are able to register you. One of our kind employees will instruct you on how to precede and receive your card as soon as possible.

Q. How do I register as a patient or caregiver?
A: Medical Marijuana Patient forms will be available online at mmcc.maryland.gov very shortly!

Q. Will my insurance company cover the certification process, consultation or Medical marijuana application?
A: No. Insurance companies do not cover the cost of a written certification in Maryland.

Q. What will take place during a visit with us?
A. A registered physician’s will examine you, review medical records, assess your medical history, maintain your patient records and our staff will provide follow-up care as needed.

Q. Where can get medical cannabis once I am certified for Medical Marijuana?
A: In Maryland a Medical Marijuana patient can only obtain legal medical cannabis from Maryland licensed dispensaries. There will be a total of 94 dispensaries. There will be 2 dispensaries in each of the 47 legislative districts.

Q. Do I need a patient ID card?
A: You are not required to carry a patient ID card, but they are available as an option. A patient ID card will be available for a fee of $50.00 to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

Q. How much medical cannabis can a qualifying patient possess at one time?
A: A patient may possess up to 120 grams (approximately four ounces) of marijuana in a 30-day period.

Q. Is there a maximum amount of marijuana extract that a patient can have?
A: Yes, a patient may only have up to 36 grams of marijuana extract per 30-day supply.

Q. Will there be edible in Maryland?
A: No, only flower and extracts (oils, tinctures, topicals, etc.) will be allowed initially. The Maryland Cannabis Commission hopes to introduce edibles as the program develops.

Q. Can I grow my own medical marijuana or can my caregiver grow it?
A: NO. The Maryland Medical Cannabis Laws do not allow for caregivers or patients to cultivate medical marijuana. Only a state licensed cultivation facility can grow medical marijuana.

Q. Do I need to be a resident of Maryland to get a Maryland Medical Marijuana card?
A: No, Maryland does allow out-of-state patients to obtain their medical marijuana card and purchase marijuana in Maryland.

Q. Where is the closest place to find a registered marijuana doctor?
A: Contact Greenway Consults at 410-762-8745 and a representative will help you find a registered Marijuana doctor within Maryland. Greenway Consults has offices in Annapolis, Baltimore County, and Silver Spring.

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